Kamila Duda

Instagram: @Urbanhippieyoga

“As I’m very active, I have been visiting a massage therapist quite often throughout my life. However, this year, Roi used FasciaEdge on me one day, and I was completely OBSESSED! I started asking questions right away, as I have had doctors use Graston tools on myself in the past. However, this tool felt much different. I have a prominent spine and the way Roi was able to run FasciaEdge up my spine and into my neck without any of my bones being rubbed or touched felt blissful. It was perfectly built to reach all the muscles and fascia around your spine. He then proceeded to get into so many more grooves in my body I never felt was possible. When I found out this ergonomically built tool was going to be available to the public, I knew I had to get my hands on one! Trust me when I say you will not regret the amazing opportunity to own your own FasciaEdge! Your body will love you, and your life will truly be changed for the better. As a yoga, spin, and group fitness instructor, I can use this tool at any time in the gym, or at any moment from the comfort of my own home. Not to mention, I’ve been saving a lot of money since i’m finding my massage visits are less frequent now. This tool offers so many advantages. You will not regret it!”

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