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What Is Fascia?

The human body is made from a dense connective soft tissue network that requires constant care and attention. This soft connective tissue Fascia (or sheath) wraps around muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, organs, and nerves in the body encases the brain and spinal cord, forming three layers of protection and cushioning. Then from these nerves, it grows like a tree to wrap everything in the body.

Rollins Athletics was invented by Roi Rollins, a Manual Therapy Instructor and  Crossfit L1 Trainer. This innovative tool is ergonomic, comfortable, easy to use and designed to do  the following:

  • Maximizes the effects of manual soft tissue therapy.
  • Minimizes strain on the practitioner’s hands and joints by using less exertion to achieve deeper pressure.
  • Helps release trigger points’ tension and muscle adhesions.
  • Aids with fascial alignments.
  • Helps to increases mobility, by stimulating the nerve endings in the soft tissue.
  • Provides a simple portable solution for self-massage (self-care).
  • Aids with speeding up recovery after physical activity, exercising and surgeries. 
  • Promotes and enhances the healing process.
  • Improves targeted soft tissue blood flow.
  • Helps to decrease myofascial pain.
  • May help with breaking down scar tissue
  • Reduces surgical scarring
  • Soft tissue mobilization.

About the Founder

Roi Rollins
Manual Therapy Instructor

Hi, my name is Roi Rollins. I am a Manual Therapy Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 trainer and a movement hacker. I’ve been in the physical care and rehabilitation industry for over 11 years. I have more than 35,000 hours of clinical hands-on experience.

I can relate to struggling with pain and immobility. After a life-altering, massive car accident, that almost left me crippled; I had an after-life experience. Yes, I basically died for few hours and came back to life.

My hand was severely injured, and in order to get better, I started my journey into healing and self-rehabilitation. I became fascinated with the human body’s anatomy and physiology. I learned myofascial release techniques that helped me heal.

After buying and trying a variety of expensive instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) tools, I found that they were very uncomfortable and simply did not deliver the intended results. They were supposed to assist recovery.

With stress growing in my hands and the attempted use of inadequately designed IASTM tools, I set up to design my own myofascial release device. After two years of research, trial and error, I came up with an ergonomic design to apply deeper pressure with less effort. FasciaEdge was born.

Pain is Innovation!

My Mission:

To provide proactive individuals with the tools and education necessary to achieve:

My Goals:

To work tirelessly to provide you with the tools and education necessary to enable you to:

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