Tension: Tension: Trigger point tools and how-to self-Massage your tension

Body tension and stress often appear to be inevitable problems within the times. To combat this,
include self-massage techniques throughout every day to counteract a number of repetitive movements
and poor postural habits related to daily tasks.
Self-massage for Happy, Healthy Hands, to start exploring self-care techniques for hands, arms,
shoulders, and neck. Remember to breathe deeply and fully, releasing tightness and tension during
every exhalation. Choose the quantity of pressure that feels best for you, while staying mindful of body
posture and positioning.

Causes of tension Muscle tension is caused when a muscle contract and doesn’t release, which isn’t a healthy condition. Muscle tension is often caused by a physical occurrence like overuse, or it is often a product of stress. consistent with WebMD, muscle tension caused by stress, if left untreated, can cause tension headaches.
Self-Massage your tension If you’re feeling tense or sore, massage therapy may assist you to feel better. this is often the practice of pressing and rubbing your skin and underlying muscles. it’s many physical and mental benefits, including pain relief and relaxation. However, you don’t always get to see a massage therapist to reap the rewards. for a few sorts of ailments, a self-massage is often beneficial, too. During a self-massage, you employ your hands to control your own muscles. This involves kneading the skin and applying pressure in certain spots. If you’d wish to try self-massage for pain relief, it’s helpful to understand certain techniques to assist you to get the foremost out of it.
Treatment with Acupressure points Tension is usually treated with therapy, medication, or a mixture of both. There also are several alternative treatments, including acupressure, which will help. Acupressure may be a sort of traditional Chinese medicine that will provide temporary relief from tension symptoms. It involves stimulating pressure points in your body, either on your own or with the assistance of knowledgeable. There are six pressure points you’ll go for tension relief.
1. Hall of impression point The hall of impression point lies between your eyebrows. Applying pressure to the present point is claimed to assist with both tension and stress. Sit comfortably. It can help to shut your eyes. Touch the spot between your eyebrows together with your index or trigger point tool. Take slow, deep breaths and apply gentle, firm pressure during a circular motion for five to 10 minutes.
2. Heavenly gate point The heavenly gate point is found within the upper shell of your ear, at the tip of the triangle-like hollow there. Stimulating now is claimed to assist relieve tension, stress, and insomnia. This point locates in your ear. it’d help to use a mirror. Apply firm, gentle pressure during a circular motion for 2 minutes.

3. Shoulder well point

The shoulder well point is in your shoulder muscle. to seek out it, pinch your shoulder muscle together with your finger, thumb, or trigger point tool. This point is claimed to assist with relieving stress, muscle tension, and headaches. It also can induce labor, so don’t use now if you’re pregnant.

Find the purpose of your shoulder muscle. Pinch the muscle together with your thumb, finger, or trigger point tool. Apply gentle, firm pressure together with your index and massage the purpose for four to 5 seconds. Release the pinch as you massage the purpose.

4. Union valley point You find this point within the webbing between your thumb and index. Stimulating now is claimed to scale back tension, stress, headaches, and neck pain. just like the shoulder wellpoint, it also can induce labor, so avoid now if you’re pregnant. With your trigger point tool, apply firm pressure to the webbing between the thumb and index of your other hand. Massage the point for four to 5 seconds, taking slow, deep breaths.
5. Great surge point The great surge point is on your foot, about two or three finger widths below the intersection of your great toe and second toe. the purpose lies within the hollow just above the bone. This point may help to scale back tension and stress. you’ll also use it for pain, insomnia, and menstrual cramps. Find the purpose by moving your finger down straight down from between your first two toes. Apply firm, deep pressure to the purpose. Massage for four to 5 seconds.
6. Inner frontier gate point You can find the inner frontier gate point on your arm, about three finger widths below your wrist. Stimulating now may help to scale back anxiety while also relieving nausea and pain. Turn one hand so your palm faces up. together with your other hand, measure three fingers below your wrist. the purpose lies here, within the hollow between the tendons. Apply pressure to the purpose and message for four to 5 seconds.
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