The best IASTM tools for manual therapy

Fascia Edge tools ( best tool ever )

Fascia Edge may be a multipurpose tool that promotes soft tissue and muscle health through deep tissue massage and trigger point release. it’s unique from other myofascial products due to its ergonomic design that creates Fascia Edge very easy to use with minimal impact on the users’ joints and hands. I would like to empower everyone with the proper tools for self-massage. We all know someone who has muscle pain or discomfort!

The myth about IASTM that has got to bruise your muscles! Fascia Edge might be painful, but if you employ it correctly, it won’t be overly painful, Fascia Edge blends into the tissue and scans it for misalignments, the misaligned tissue would feel rough, slower, stiff will get redness reaction. Using it in several areas of the body. The difference of pressure should vary when used over muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bones. Using Fascia Edge over clothes is comfortable.

It’ll produce heat from friction and elasticity the fascia, bring more blood flow to the world that I turn would speed up the recovery process. Direct on the skin the Fascia Edge will stretch the fascia, the sting of the tool will glide on the fascia creating tension and stretches the soft tissue. The oil will allow Fascia Edge to urge deeper into the muscle and promote muscle realignment and recovery. Using the trigger point corners you’ll apply the maximum amount pressure as you would like & hold it until you are feeling a release then move around it because the trigger points move around to weaker areas

Your fingers won’t get tired and that they won’t wear this tool! The ergonomic handle is ideal for reducing hand and finger fatigue on long days of treating patients.

You will instantly feel relaxed holding and using this Releaser tools. The tool is crafted through CNC machining to make sure each tool provides the best feedback and sensitivity when breaking through fascial adhesions.

If you’re a clinician, please don’t use a material that absorbs oils and liquids. That’s just gross. Polished steel won’t absorb oils and liquids unlike tools made up of stone, jade, and bone. The tools don’t have any crevices for lotions and oils to urge trapped in either.

This is the key to the entire thing. Too rounded…not effective. Too sharp…too painful. We’ve spent much research and development time to urge this dialed into perfection.

The flexibility of these tools permits you to try to what it takes a minimum of three tools from other brands to equal.

You won’t need the other instruments because this one does it all! Various sized beveled edges on the convex and concave curves give you the flexibility only found by using multiple tools from other brands. 6 different treatment edges in one!

you’ll feel the right weight, balance, and edge angles when using the Fascia Edge tools. The double-beveled edges offer you the perfect surface to release myofascial.

You will feel the fascia ending because of our CNC manufacturing process. watch out for competitors who use a less expensive steel casting process or use other materials that don’t offer you the precise feedback needed.

Easy to wash, polished medical grade chrome steel, not plated like some competitors. the three-finger holes will assist you to grip the tool properly and save your fingers from the strain. Look and feel professional together with your high-quality equipment!

The Fascia Edge is right for IASTM techniques to supply instant relief for muscle pain and tightness. It can release the adhesions in your fascia that are produced by muscle tension. This tool is perfect for athletes, trainers, and clinicians to treat tight muscles and chronic pain.

Practice the Fascia Edge before exercise to stop injuries and after exercises for faster recovery. It will increase blood circulation and lengthen muscles, which helps increase mobility and adaptability.

Our unique design distributes multiple sized beveled edges on the convex and concave curves to suggest you the flexibility only found by using multiple tools from other brands. No matter the muscle, big or small, you’ll use this tool to treat it.

Be careful of competitors who practice a less expensive steel casting process or other materials that don’t bind you the precise feedback needed to feel fascial adhesions. The CNC machined Fascia Edge has the right weight, balance, and edge angles. You won’t get that from the other competitor.

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