Equine massage tools that will make your horse nay!

Equine massage tools that will make your horse nay!

Equine massage therapy may be a relatively new and growing field within the equine industry. Equine massage is that the beneficial application of massage techniques established and active by human athletes applied to the horse. It’s been credited with increasing performance level, competitiveness, and endurance. In addition, massage supports in prevention of debilitating muscular injuries and in speeding injury recovery time. Benefits are most notable in improved performance also as injury prevention to the horse.

Benefits of Equine Massage

The foremost benefits of Equine Massage Therapy Contain


This is the foremost common reason people hunt down equine massage. The science and merits of massage for the aim of pain relief may be a hotly contested topic within the medical profession. However, there’s the little question that a lot of people find it beneficial for various different ailments and conditions.

For instance, many older arthritic horses may practice pain and toughness in their joints. Calm massaging of the joints and close limbs can help to improve this joint pain.


The connection between massage and relaxation is well familiar. Horses are extremely emotional animals and may feel stress, depression, and anxiety in a similar thanks to humans. A massage may the right thanks to alleviating these issues. During an equine massage vital sign is reduced and therefore the breathing rate is slowed which helps the horse to relax. the warmth generated in massage also can help to encourage a general feeling of calm and well-being which can ultimately improve the general relaxation of the horse.


Trust between a horse and humans is important if the horse is to be trained or ridden effectively.

However, many horses may have trust issues for various reasons. Some horses may be previously mistreated and should react badly when introduced to new riders. Equine massage is a superb way of adjusting a horse’s perception of human contact. beginning with a really gentle massage trust and confidence can slowly be built through numerous sessions. Over time the horse will hopefully be subsided tentative when around new people and new surroundings.

4. STIMULATION OF THE systema lymphaticum

Manual lymphatic drainage may be a massage technique that stimulates the systema lymphaticum so as to scale back localized swelling within the body. The systema lymphaticum may be a collection of slow-moving vessels that transports cellular waste to the liver to be processed. Approximately health conditions can cause lymph fluid to form up. These health conditions can interrupt the traditional flow of lymph, leads to lymph build up during a particular area of the body. This build-up often occurs within the arms and legs and may cause nasty swelling and pain. Lymphatic drainage may be a specific technique that’s normally only done by a practitioner with specific training therein area. many of us feel that lymphatic drainage can aid recovery from laminitis.

5. INCREASED JOINT MOBILITY and adaptability

Many horses spend the bulk of their day inside a stable and only get clothed once each day for an hour or two. As a result, they will develop significant muscle tension and reduced flexibility.

Older horses also are likely to develop stiffness when then they start to hamper or stop work. a bit like humans their mobility slowly declines. Massage is often an honest thanks to keeping the joints supple and make sure that a horse range of movement is maintained or improved.

Fascia Edge Massage tool

Fascia Edge may be a professional-quality equine massage tool that’s safe and effective, and rugged enough for everyday use. Practice it as a part of your daily warm-up and cool-down routines, during grooming, or any time your horse needs a touch relief.


The benefits of massage are documented. However, it’s difficult for many folks to control a horse’s muscles the way a knowledgeable therapist can. Fascia Edge extends your reach and strength, making it possible to massage your horse as you never could before. It’s safe and straightforward to use.

Fascia Edge provides a particular massage that targets specific muscle groups and problem areas. it’s convenient and practical to be used at the barn, the show grounds, and even on the trail.


Valued by horse owners, trainers, and therapeutic professionals alike, Fascia Edge may be a versatile tool. Horse owners use it to offer their equine friends’ relief and luxury. Horse care practitioners use Fascia edge up their Equine Sports Massage Therapy (ESMT) and Equine Chiropractic practices.


Fascia Edge assists in reducing muscle tension, and rejuvenating sore, tired muscles. It promotes circulation to extend blood flow. Fascia Edge is trusted by Equine professionals worldwide. It is often used as a part of a warm-up routine. Provides the posh of a full body massage without the recurring cost of massage therapists.

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